Connect. Learn. Share. Do.


Young Water Professionals Denmark (YWPDK) is a member-driven network for young professionals within the Danish water sector. Established in 2014 and growing ever since, YWPDK provides a platform for our members to connect, learn, share and do, as well as it strategically seeks to contribute a young voice to the debate, discourse and political agenda within and beyond the water sector. Our strategical focus areas are:

  • Professional and social networking for young water professionals
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Education
  • Mentoring


We are currently around 250 young water professionals across Denmark. YWPDK is a remarkable group of master students, graduates and young professionals ranging from social-, natural-, and engineering sciences, policy makers, scholars and practitioners, Danish and Internationals. We are as diverse as the manifold aspects and challenges of the water sector.

YWPDK foremost thrives with and through its members' engagement and activities. The members of our board and the regional representatives work in this spirit.

Country Chapter Steering Committee (CCSC)

The Country Chapter Steering Committee (CCSC) is in charge of the overall development, management and maintenance of the network. The CCSC currently has five members with different responsibilities and assignments. The members are elected on the general assembly held at the YWPDK conference in the beginning of each year. Each member holds individual responsibility areas. The YWPDK network have regional representatives (RR) to help the CCSC maintain the link between to the local members and plan local events. To contact the CCSC please use our contact form or send us an e-mail on info@ywp.dk.

Regional Representatives

The YWPDK network have Regional Representatives (RR) to help the CCSC maintain the link between to the local members and plan local events. YWPDK’s ambition is to activate the network all over Denmark, and therefore we use RRs to keep the contact to members and plan local events. Kirsten Prisum is the RR in Copenhagen, Freya Mosbæk is the RR for Aalborg, while Emil Thomsen is our man in Aarhus. You are more than welcome to contact them at copenhagen@ywp.dk, aalborg@ywp.dk, and aarhus@ywp.dk if you want to help organize a local event or if you want to know more.


YWPDK is a national network within YWP Global Network under the International Water Association (IWA). IWA operates on three overall levels: Globally, nationally and regionally. The Danish National Committee, a group of Danish Water Sector Representatives, is a governing member of IWA.

We are embedded and active part of the following regional, national and global networks.