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At this year’s NORDIWA – Nordic wastewater conference, YWPDK held a workshop for all Nordic Young Water Professionals. The workshop was held in cooperation with VA-Yngre from Sweden and Norway, and YWPs from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland participated. The workshop started with a presentation of the existing national chapters in order to identify similarities and differences in how the networks operate and what the networks offers the members. The presentations were followed by a session focusing on Nordic knowledge […]

WDC Jordan 2015

Mid October Karolina and Trine from the Country Chapter Steering Committee (CCSC) of YWPDK went to the Water and Development Congress in Jordan. They participated in and contributed to the YWP Forum and program at the conference. They also had meetings with YWPs from the rest of the world as well as key persons within the IWA to help plan for the future, especially with focus on the coming activities relating to the World Water […]

YWPDK – Julehygge 2015

The 15th of December 20 YWPDK members gathered at State of Green to hear about the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition coming to Copenhagen in 2020. Peter Steen Mikkelsen from DTU and representative in the Danish National Comittee of IWA introduced the application, the organization and the concept of the conference. Tanya Jacobsen from State of Green introduced their organization, their role in the application to the conference and the potential seen from their […]