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YWPDK Interview Series – Kate Janowska – YWPDK

YWPDK Interview Series – Kate Janowska

Kate Janowska


Kate has been a driving member of the Northern Region, a challlenging role in a recently formed group where engagement and brainstorming are required, especially during the pandemic. She has also actively contributed to the network with different presentations during the events, such as the Christmas Hygge.
After successfully defending her PhD thesis last year, she moved on towards a new path away from the water sector.

We would like thank Kate for her help and contribution to the network, and to wish her good luck for the new experience ahead!


What motivated you to join the YWPDK network?

My main motivation was to meet other young enthusiast in water section from my closest area and to get to know local water treatment companies 

What did you gain by joining the networking and being an active driving member in the region?

I got to know many great people passionate about their research and work. I also learned how to organize events. It was fruitful experience and opportunity for me to remain active in the field even during my maternity leave. 

"It was a great experience to meet people with different backgrounds all focused on improving the quality of water."

How was to join a young regional group such as the one in the Northern region?

It was a great experience to meet people with different background all focused on improving the quality of water. Great opportunity to share water passion and spread positive energy between others determined to do something in their free time.  

Which challenges did you face in the regional group?

It was not always easy to find participants of events we organized. Widely spread information was not enough to convince young people to do something more in addition to their studies. Even though we organized great events with experienced water professionals and trips to places related to water treatment. 

What is your recommendation to the current members of the regional group?

Open your mind, don’t be afraid of challenges and keep going. Even sometimes things seem impossible you can achieve a lot making small steps forward and at the end reach your goals.  

"Don’t be afraid of challenges and keep going."

Will you recommend joining the YWPDK to other people? Why?

Definitely I will recommend to join the YWPDK. It will be a great adventure and opportunity to meet awesome people.  

What will you remember about the network?

I will definitely remember positive energy and attitude of all the members who were always happy to meet and do something together. Impressive work of local coordinators who were always helpful and motivating us to start new activities.