IWA 2020 Group

In 2020 The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition is coming to Copenhagen, Denmark. Within YWPDK we have formed a group to help support the Host Country Committee in planning activities and content related to the coming conference on especially  six topics:

1. Related activities
2. Sponsors and sponsor branding
3. Branding and outreach
4. Urban water charter
5. Water, energy, food
6. YWP and recruitment

The YWPDK IWA 2020 group is branched out into workgroups based on the strategic pillars identified in the IWA-2020 YWPDK strategy. Stay updated by following us on LinkedIn and by visiting the webpage. If you would like to be involved then fill in the contact form below and we will contact you.

IWA2020If you have any questions about the YWP IWA 2020 Group or wish to become part of the work, then please contact YWPDK via this contact form: