IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition 2020

YWPDK at the…

IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition 2020

The IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition takes place in Copenhagen in 2021 and more than 10,000 participants from all over the world is expected! You can read much more about the conference on worldwatercongress.org.

YWPDK contributes to the IWA2020 conference in multiple ways, which are all driven by active members of the network.

Host Country Steering Commitee

The host country chapter steering committe is the Danish steering group for the conference which is lead by Helle Katrine Andersen and Anders Bækgaard. Nadia Lund from YWPDK sits in the steering committee to represent young water professionals.

Program Commitee

The program committee is responsible for reading the submitted proposals for posters, oral presentations, training sessions and workshops and create the program on this basis. Trine Munk and Inês Breda are the Danish YWP representatives in the program committee.

YWP dinner

Kirsten Prisum, Thor Danielsen, Nadia Lund, Pedro Cavalho, Freya Mosbæk, Tina Mathiesen and Dorottya Wagner are planning the YWP dinner. The dinner is for all YWPs attending the conference and will be held, and sponsored by, Rambøll.

World Water Camp

Inês Breda and Eva Krajcikova from YWPDK are part of planning the World Water Camp 2020. The camp promotes a learning experience that combines theoretical and practical knowledge through an international and dynamic learning environment by joining bachelor students from all over the world in classroom activities, technical tours and visits to exclusive talks and exhibition area of the IWA2020.

Nordic Activity

Together with VA Yngre Norway, VA Yngre Sweden and YWP Finland, YWPDK are planning activities for the Nordic Pavillion in the exhibition area of the congress. Ronja Sørensen, Esra Eray, Eva Krajcikova, Alexander Hauer, Per Nobel and Anja Ziegler are active in the Danish part of the working group.

Conference Podcast

Inês Breda and Pedro Cavalho from YWPDK will create a daily podcast from the conference. The podcast will capture the main topics of each day, give YWP an opportunity to share their experience in the conference, and share the conference with the world!