We thrive with and through our members' engagement and activities

YWPDK provides a platform for its members, community and partners to connect, learn from each other, share ideas and drive joint projects. Our work is expressed tri-fold. We initiate, organize and host a wide array of professional and social events & activities. We bring people together to work on specific projects and themes as well as strategic network activities in our working groups. We give young water professionals residing in Denmark a voice within and beyond the wider national & global community.

Events & Activities

We are an active network organization, which we express through organizing a variety of social & professional events and activities. Our recurring key activities are the yearly YWPDK conference & assembly, our bikes rides & excursions or our 'hyggelige' Fyraftensøl evenings, among many individual events. We co-create these activities together with the board members, regional represenatatives and our members.

Working Groups

We strive to be an actor & partner within and beyond the water sector, and an agent in shaping future pathways. Our conceptual, strategic and planning work of larger activities & events happen in our working groups. Our working groups consist of active, interested members, who wish to focus their engagement towards a certain working group's objective. Currently, there are five active working groups ranging from 'Artifiical Intelligence', 'Urban Lab', 'Education & Career', 'Outreach' and 'IWA 2020'.

Community Outreach

We are embedded in the larger network of the International Water Association and its national & regional branches. YWPDK fosters close relationships with this community and actively partakes in its activities & events. We seek to represent the network and be open towards collaborations with other organizations, partners, networks and more.

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Upcoming Events

  1. Fyraftensøl and regional meeting for Aalborg YWPs

    Thursday, 2. April @ 17:00 - 19:00 CEST