Rapporteurs for Water Efficiency Conference February 3rd

We are looking for a few rapporteurs who can capture the key messages (2-3 lines/qoutes) from each presentation/discussion and report back to the plenary at the Water Efficiency conference. Please contact us at info@ywp.dk if you are interested. It will be on a first come, first served basis.   The conference is free of charge, also for non-rapporteurs, so we encourage our members to participate even if you will not be elected for reporting. You […]

Call for Abstracts

We would like to invite you to send us an abstract for the 1st YWPDK conference and workshop taking place on the 10th -11th of March in Odense. Abstracts can be centered around practical and/or research projects related to the five thematic tracks identified at the GA in December and illustrated below. The abstract should as a minimum include: 1. Author (who will present) 2. Title 3. Thematic track 4. How the project relates to […]

Findings from the Half-day Workshop and Call for Abstracts

WORKSHOP FINDINGS The table above sums up the key findings from the half-day workshop held the 12th of December at Rambøll. The five thematic tracks will constitute the framework for the continued work for the YWPDK members. We would like to appoint a contact person for each thematic track, who will act as thematic coordinator and will have their contact information displayed here on our website. Please contact us at info@ywp.dk, if you would be […]

YWPDK Profile December 2014

Tanya Jacobsen works as a project manager within Water and Climate Adaption at State of Green. She has a MA in International Business Communication and Intercultural Market Studies from Copenhagen Business School. What is your motivation for working with water? I am not a typical water professional as I do not have a water related technical background. But it’s an area which I find quite interesting and as a communications professional, I find that it’s […]