World Water Congress & Exhibition 2022


The IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition takes place in Copenhagen in 2022 and more than 10,000 participants from all over the world is expected! You can read much more about the conference on

Greeting from YWPDK in October 2020

YWPDK Connecting Young Water Minds

YWPDK contributes to the IWA2022 conference in multiple ways, which are all driven by active members of the network.

Host Country Steering Commitee

The host country chapter steering committe is the Danish steering group for the conference which is lead by Helle Katrine Andersen and Anders Bækgaard. YWPDK sits in the steering committee to represent young water professionals.

YWPDK representative: Ida Linde Hansen

Program Commitee

The program committee is responsible for reading the submitted proposals for posters, oral presentations, training sessions and workshops and create the program on this basis and YWPDK is represented in the committee.

YWPDK representatives: Inês Breda and Dorottya Sarolta Wágner

YWP Lounge

At the conference, there will be a YWP lounge area at the IWA stand in the exhibition area. YWPDK will together with an international group of YWPs plan how the lounge area should be used among YWPs.


Emerging Water Leaders Forum

The Emerging Water Leaders Forum is a full day track at the conference planned for an by YWPs to ensure that congress includes topics that are relevant for YWPs. The event will be held on Tuesday (13 September), and registration is mandatory.

YWPDK representatives: Giulia Dottorini

YWP Social dinner

There will be held a dinner for all the YWPs attending the conference, which will be held at and sponsored by Rambøll. The dinner will take place on Monday, 12 September.

YWPDK representatives: Ida Linde Hansen

World Water Camp

The world water camp promotes a learning experience that combines theoretical and practical knowledge through an international and dynamic learning environment by joining bachelor, master and PhD students from all over the world in classroom activities, technical tours and visits to exclusive talks and exhibition area of the IWA2022.

YWPDK representatives: Francisca Braga

Next Generation Water Action

International initiative lead by DTU Skylab with the ambition to engage 100+ university students and entrepreneurs before, during and after the conference. With international corporate and public partners, the students and entrepreneurs from Denmark and selected countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia, will build skills and apply their technical disciplines, innovation capacity and solutions in a hybrid facilitated semester program to challenge and catalyze water solutions towards smart livable cities. Website

YWPDK representative: Francisca Braga and Inês Breada

YWP Podcast

YWPDK will create a daily podcast from the conference. The podcast will capture the main topics of each day, give YWP an opportunity to share their experience in the conference, and share the conference with the world!

YWPDK representatives: Inês Breda

Collaboration with other YWP chapters

YWPDK strive to collaborate with our fellow YWP chapters around the world, also for the congress:

- Together with VA Yngre Norway, YWP  Sweden and YWP Finland, YWPDK are planning activities for the Nordic Pavillion in the exhibition area of the congress. Some of the activies will be networking, panel debates
YWPDK representatives: Ronja Sørensen, Per Nobel, Francisca Braga and Ida Linde Hansen

- Together with YWP South Africa and the Danish Embassy in South Africa, YWPDK will be hosting a workshop on the Workforce of tomorrow.
YWPDK representative: Nerea Uri Carreno

- Together with YWP Philippines and YWP Ghana, YWPDK will be hosting a workshop on Research to practice.
YWPDK representative: Ines Breda