YWPDK Interview Series – Freya Mosbæk

Freya Mosbæk

INTERVIEW - Regional representative in Aalborg

Freya has been an active part of YWPDK since she joined after the national conference in 2019. She quickly took on the responsibility to start a new regional group in Aalborg - using her network connections at Aalborg Forsyning to create a local network. The Regional Groups are the backbone of YWPDK and where the members get to meet face-to-face and establish their professional network. It is also where members can become active and gain a direct influence on what events YWPDK will plan during the year.

Since Freya took lead of the Aalborg group, the network has hosted a number of exciting events and webinars to the joy of local YWPDK members. In this interview with Freya, she will explain how she first got engaged in the network and her thoughts on how it is to be involved.

Why did you join the YWPDK network in the first place, and what led you to run for a position as regional representative in Aalborg?

I first heard about the YWP network at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Tokyo 2018 where I met some of the Danish members. Being new to the water sector the YWPDK is an excellent platform to establish new partnerships and friendships across the sector, which was the main reason why I joined.

I then participated in the national YWPDK conference in 2019 with a few members from the Aalborg area. We all agreed that we wanted to kick-start a regional group and events in Aalborg, so I decided to help promote the Aalborg group and signed up for regional representative.



Where do you see the role and the position of the YWPDK network in the Danish water sector and for the young water professionals in Denmark?

Firstly, I think of the YWPDK as a professional network for novices in the water sector; a place where we can connect and share our knowledge and enthusiasm on many levels be it regional, national or global.

Secondly, I notice that YWPDK is creating awareness and getting a bigger presence within the Danish water sector and that the network is being recognized for its professionalism. I believe the presence of YWPDK in the sector will continue to grow in the future.

How do you envision the future activities and progression of the role of YWPK?

I hope the network will continue to grow and have engaged members in all regions. And I hope to see the YWPDK as a regular presence in the Danish water sector as the YWP members are the workforce of tomorrow.

What did you gain personally from joining YWPDK and by contributing to the network?

New friends and professional partnerships. A broadened understanding of the whole water sector not just my own work field. Knowledge of the newest trends, and many ideas have originated from participating in YWP events.
It has been amazing so far and I’m really looking forward to this last year before I reach my YWP retirement age.

What would be your advice to anyone contemplating on increasing his or her activity in the network or even just joining?

Just go for it! It is truly a fun and educating experience to be a part of YWPDK. You decide the level of your contribution, and whether your involvement is participating in, or to help organizing an event your engagement is valued highly by the network.