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YWPDK Interview Series – Per Nobel – YWPDK

YWPDK Interview Series – Per Nobel

Per Nobel


Recently there have been many changes to the Board and Regional Representatives team of YWPDK. Therefore, we would like to thank the members who have been leading the network in the previous years. In this series of interviews, we will focus on the people who have been fundamental in bringing the network to what we know today.

In this edition we present Per Nobel, a key member who has been driving the Capital Region group! As Regional Representative, Per has planned many interesting and fun activities and has truly cemented the regional group!

“…I was eager to connect with other water professionals at my age, who shared my enthusiasm in solving water, environmental and climate related problems…”

Why did you join the YWPDK network in the first place, and what led you to run for a position as regional representative in Copenhagen?

I joined the organization after a YWPDK arrangement at the IWA conference on modelling in the water sector (Watermatex 2019). I was eager to connect with other water professionals at my age, who shared my enthusiasm in solving water, environmental and climate related problems. During the Corona period I helped in arranging webinars on specific water engineering topics but also about working in the water sector in general. I was asked by the previous RR to take over the role and I was happy to say yes. I wanted to help consolidating the network and ensure to keep up the great work we do. I also wanted to broaden my professional network, practice leadership and gain insight into new water related fields.

Where do you see the role and the position of the YWPDK network in the Danish water sector and for the young water professionals in Denmark?

In my perspective, the most important role for the YWPDK network is to help to facilitate the sharing of connections, insights and experience among us. This makes us stand stronger and more visible in the water sector job market. It also gives us a strong voice and promotes our influence of ideas in the water sector. This is already our position today in my opinion.

How do you envision the future activities and progression of the role of YWPK?

I envision that our formal and direct role of influence and presence within different institutions, organizations and events to be even more heard. We are not only hear to learn from the water sector, but also to influence. We shouldn’t underestimate the level of collective knowledge and experience that’s gathered in our organization.

What did you gain personally from joining YWPDK and by contributing to the network?

Friendships, professional connections, job opportunities and direction of career, insight into new fields within the water sector, leadership and organizational skills, “hygge” and lots of fun 😊.

What would be your advice to anyone contemplating on increasing his or her activity in the network or even just joining?

Don’t hesitate. The organization is for you. All the work you do is voluntary – there is no risk and nothing to lose.