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YWPDK Interview Series – Kirsten Prisum – YWPDK

YWPDK Interview Series – Kirsten Prisum

Kirsten Prisum


The general assembly at the national YWPDK conference in March 2020 resulted in many new faces joining the leadership team of YWPDK. It was, however, also were very central people to the network stepped down from the leadership group. We will in this series of interviews put focus on the people who have been fundamental to where the network is today. in this third edition we focus on Kirsten Prisum, who has been central to drive and lead the network since it was founded in 2014. Kirsten joined the network at its founding and has been the regional represnetative for Copenhagen. Kirsten has lead an impressively active Copenhagen group during her tenure and has made sure the members of YPWKD in Copenhagen had regular interesting events to attend.

Thank you, Kirsten for your years of drive and contribution to the network.
On behalf of the network, all the best to you in your further endeavors. We hope to continue to have you involved in the network in some capacity.
Thor Danielsen

"As a regional representative I could organize and hear about all the projects I found interesting"

Why did you join the YWPDK network in the first place, and what led you to run for a position as regional representative in Copenhagen?

I joined the network when I was still a student to see and hear about different water related projects that were being build or operating in the real world outside the university universe. But also, to get a network within the water sector. 

As a regional representative I could organize and hear about all the projects I found interesting, and I could share my interest with likeminded, who also enjoy hearing about e.g. how The Blue Planet reuse or treat their wastewater in their massive aquariums or see how EKJ were monitoring the groundwater while building the stations for the CPH Metro, or how the Municipality of Copenhagen worked with climate adaption at Tåsinge Plads. 


"Through YWPDK we as young professionals can get a network outside our normal place of work or field"

Where do you see the role and the position of the YWPDK network in the Danish water sector and for the young water professionals in Denmark?

I think the older generation are starting to see the impotence of young people interested in the water sector partly due to the lack of employees with a water related background but also due to the innovation that the younger generation can contribute withSo, I think that we are an important network in the Danish water sector.  

Through YWPDK we as young professionals can get a network outside our normal place of work or field, so when I have a question, I can call someone from the network who works with wastewater treatment, climate adaption, groundwater monitoring etc. which may benefit my work and therefor my workplace. 

How do you envision the future activities and the progression of the role of YWPDK nationally and internationally?

I hope that YWPDK will keep organizing debates, excursion, lectures and so on. All these small events are important for the members that are not highly involved in the network, but it still provides a place to meet and learn new things.   

"Planning events and conferences has also strengthened my skills as a project manager"

What did you gain personally from joining YWPDK and by contributing to the network?

By being an active member of YWPDK I got a big network and I learned a lot about different areas in the water sector. Planning events and conferences has also strengthened my skills as a project manager. 

What would be your advice to anyone contemplating on increasing his or her activity in the network or even just joining?

Do it, you are always welcome to just join an event as a participant, but you get the biggest network if you become a regular and get involved.  


You are, luckily for us, continuing your activity in the network. Can you shed some light on what you are going to be involved in, and can we still expect to run into you at YWPDK events?

I am involved in the big conference IWA2020, where YWPDK together with Rambøll are hosting a social dinner for hopefully around 70 young water professionals from all over the world.