Regional groups: Aalborg



The regional group in Aalborg hold young water professional members residing in northern Jutland. We count members from all areas of the water sector, and our topics of focus are quite broad.

The events are arranged and organized by the regional representative supported by a group of five regional members. This regional group consist of:

Freya Mosbæk (Regional Representative. Planner at Aalborg Forsyning with microbiology background.)

Anja Sloth Ziegler (Planner at Aalborg Forsyning with microbiology background.)

Michael Hald Christensen (Working towards digitalizing the water sector at Aalborg Forsyning.)

Ørjan Heggdal (Ørjan’s interests is digitalization and development of new technologies in the water sector. He works at Envidan)

Giulia Dottorini (Giulia is from Chemistry & Bioscience, Aalborg University, and she is doing research on the microbial communities in wastewater treatment plants and in the sewer system.)

Francisca Braga (Francisca recently finished her master in department of Environmental Management and Sustainability Science. Her interest is the wastewater sector.)


Feel free to contact the regional group for any questions, membership, ideas etc.