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Regional group: Northern Denmark – YWPDK

Regional group: Northern Denmark


Northern Denmark Region (Aalborg)

The regional group in Northern Denmark (previously called "Aalborg regional group") includes young water professional members residing in northern Jutland. We count members from all areas of the water sector, and our topics of focus are quite broad.

The events are arranged and organized by the regional representative supported by the regional driving members. At the moment we do not have a regional representative - are you interested in this position?

The current driving members are:

Giulia Dottorini (driving member): Giulia works as Project Leader at Arla Foods Ingredients, where she focuses on optimization strategies of water and wastewater along the production lines. (Check Giulia's profile on LinkedIn).

Michael Hald Christensen (driving member): works towards digitalizing the water sector at Aalborg Forsyning. (Check Michaels' profile on LinkedIn).

Saruch Rathore (driving member) is a PhD fellow at Aalborg University specializing in drinking water systems. With over 3 years of experience, he's currently focused on improving water network efficiency by identifying and addressing issues related to leaks and contamination. (Check Saruch's profile on LinkedIn)

Giacomo Messina (driving member) is a PhD fellow at the Department of Chemistry and Bioscience at Aalborg University. He is researching wastewater treatment technologies to tackle municipal wastewater pollutants. (Check Giacomo's profile on LinkedIn).


Feel free to contact the regional group for any questions, membership, ideas etc. aalborg@ywp.dk

Activities in 2024

A Sneak Peek into our (Tentative) Activity Lineup - Get Ready for an Exciting Year Ahead!


Kindly note that the activity plan for 2024 is tentative and subject to change based on various factors.

Refer to the event page for updates about upcoming events.