YWPDK Profile October 2017

Anna Grudinina is our YWPDK profile for October 2017. Anna works as a project manager at the utility company Herning Water A/S. She leads projects related to storm water management and has been a part of the YWPDK network since 2015.

YWPDK at Copenhagen Metro

Copenhagen Metro’s new ring is constructed within Copenhagen’s primary aquifer. A holistic and reliable groundwater management is therefore inevitable. On 29. September 2017 EKJ invited the Young Water Professionals Denmark to visit one of the construction sites. We learned a lot about groundwater management, the handling of contaminations, the relevance of the groundwater table for the foundations of old buildings in Copenhagen and much more. Many thanks to all organizers for the exciting tour! Save

Workshop at NORDIWA

Young Water Professionals Denmark, YWPDK, have, in coorporation with other Young Water Professionals in the Nordics, arranged a workshop about Capacity Building in the Nordic Water sector. Our workshop is part of this years Nordic Waste Water Conference in Aarhus, the 11th of October at 15.50 in Centralværkstedet, Balcony.   See the official NORDIWA conference programme here  

NORDIWA 2017: Host for Poster Session?

As a Young Water Professional You have the opportunity to host one of the Poster Sessions during NORDIWA in Aarhus. 11.40-13.00: Sewer systems – models, management and integrated approaches and Adapting to consequences of a changing climate 14.00-15.20: New approaches to Wastewater treatment See the official programme for NORDIWA 2017 Send your contact information and a short motivation to if you are interested in extending your personal network and hosting a poster session at NORDIWA the 11th of October in Aarhus.  

YWPDK Profile September 2017

Janne Møller is our YWPDK profile for September 2017. Janne works as an environmental engineer at the consultancy Rambøll in Odense. Janne is part of the YWPDK regional group for Fyn. Her daily work is within water management and climate adaption and she has been a member of YWPDK since 2015.

YWPDK Helps Bring International Talents Together in Copenhagen For Cloudburst Project

Read The Copenhagen Urban Lab Report Young Water Professionals Denmark helped fund and organize the Copenhagen Urban Lab and the related Boat Ride around the Copenhagen Harbour for the participants of the lab and YWPDK members. A group of talented young planners and engineers from around the world were brought together in Copenhagen to work on a neighbourhood cloudburst resiliency project for Sankt Jørgens Sø. The executive summary report of the project has just been released and can be seen below.  

YWPDK Profile August 2017

Tina Bay Mathiesen is our YWPDK profile for August 2017. Tina is an environmental engineer at the utility company HOFOR A/S. She is working in the field of water supply, more specifically, water distribution network modelling and planning, and has been an active member of the YWPDK for the latest years.

IWA seeking IWA Young Water Professionals to be on Programme Committee of the World Water Congress 2018

The IWA Programme Committee is responsible for developing the technical programme of IWA’s biennial World Water Congresses. It meets periodically in accordance with the congress cycle to shape the programme, select papers and contribute to conference key-notes and workshops. It administers a peer review process to assure the highest quality for presentations and related publications. In order to meet IWA’s ambition to further empower and integrate Young Water Professionals in its activities, the IWA Programme Committee will invite an additional 5 members that are aged 35 or under. Who are we looking for?  The group of 5 selected Young Water Professionals will comprise of: 1 IWA Young Water Professional from Japan – the Host Country 2018 (for 2018 Congress) 1 IWA Young Water Professional from Denmark the Host Country 2020 – Denmark (who will stay on for 2 consecutive terms) 3 IWA Young Water Professionals representing other regions (for 2018 […]

Copenhagen Urban Lab Programme

Follow the programme arranged jointly by HOFOR, Municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, Frederiksberg Forsyning, University of Copenhagen, YWPDK and Rambøll for the six international participants of the Copenhagen Urban Lab.