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6th YWPDK Annual Conference – YWPDK

6th YWPDK Annual Conference




The 6th edition of the annual YPDK conference took place last 5th and 6th of March at VandCenter Syd with good feelings.

The conference gathered nothing less than 65 young professionals from different countries and organisations: water utilities, universities and consulting companies. However, the most relevant thing was the event grouped people with the same passion: WATER.

The overall theme of this edition was “Future of Water”. Challenging, but motivating topic that focused the two days of conference and most of the discussions between our members. These discussions were mainly generated by the effect of two amazing workshops. First day was highlighted by an inspirational workshop about “digitalisation”, hosted by Miljøstyrelsen and Mia Holmbo Lind. The activity gave our members the chance to choose their passion in the water cycle and reflect the needs that the water sector has nowadays and how can be improved by means of digitalisation. On the second day, Luca Mottadelli from DHI A/S, introduced a new topic, and tool, among our members: design thinking. A thoughtful workshop that transported our members 10 years ahead to shape the challenges that the water sector will face and how might be solved.

From YWPDK, we would like to thank all of them for their motivation and engagement to organise such great activities.


The absolute novelty of this edition was the screening of “Brave Blue World”, a documentary focused on myths and assumptions about water and how innovative companies are trying to provide solutions worldwide to mitigate the water crisis. In short, the screening gave to the audience an optimistic picture of how humanity is adopting new technological innovations to manage water.

The screening of the movie was followed by an interesting panel discussion comprised by Wadim Baslow (Quercus Group, YWPDK), Peter Holme Jensen (CEO, Aquaporin), Per Henrik Nielsen (Project manager, VCS) and Aoife Kelleher (Assistant producer, Brave Blue World).

You are more than welcome to visit www.braveblue.world for more information.



The conference had also room to host the General Assembly, where for the first time in the last few years there were more members running for the YWPDK board than available spots. The budget for 2020 was approved and the general representatives, chair and board members were elected:

  • The Regional representatives now include Freya Mosbæk (Aalborg), Lisbeth Christensen (Aarhus) and Jan-Michael Blum (Copenhagen)
  • The Board now includes Thor Danielsen (Chair), Inês Breda (Treasurer), Nerea Carreño (Secretary), Emil Thomsen (Membership engagement officer), Nadia Lund (Membership engagement officer) and Luis Campos (Alternate).

If you already know that you would like to help plan next year's conference or if you have ideas for the conference venue, please send us an e-mail.