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A new chapter in YWPDK – YWPDK

A new chapter in YWPDK




New officials of YWP Denmark were elected during the general assembly ofthe network, which to place at the 6th national YWPDK conference in Odense. The officials were elected to the conutry chapter steering committee, also known as the board, and to be regional representatives of the network in the local areas where YWPDK operates. It was a special event in many ways. There was a record number of members running for positons, which illustrates the great development of the network and that our members are willing to step up and take leading positions. It was also the year, where many people, who have been a part of the network for many years stepped down from official positions. Trine Munk who founded the network in 2014 stepped down from the board at the general assembly. Kirsten Prisum, who has been the regional representative of Copenhagen since 2014 also stepped down from her position. Wadim Baslow stepped down from the board, where he has helped shape the network for the past years. We could not thank them enough for their work and contributions over the years. We are planning to posts interviews with each of them on the website, so keep updated on www.ywp.dk.

This post is however to introduce you the newly elected officials of the network and to the current setup.


The election for the country chapter committee saw a record number of six candidates for the open positions.

Thor Danielsen, from HOFOR A/S, was re-elected for chairing the board of the network. He will continue the role, that he held the previous term, in leading the board of the network. Nadia Lund, from EnviDan, and Emil Thomsen, from COWI, were elected to the member engagement officer positions on the board, and will be responsible for the activitiesl of the network at the regional level and to engage in the best way possible with the members of our network. Emil and Nadia will work closely with regional representatives of Copenhagen, Aalborg, and Aarhus to ensure that the regional groups have the best conditions to carry out their tasks and provide the member base with great events at the regional level. Nadia has been on the board for the past two years and we are fortunate that she is willing to continue her engagement in the network. Emil is new to the board, but is experienced in leading activities at the local level, as he has been the regional representative of Aarhus for the past two years. The final elected candidate for the new board is Luis Roman, from Krüger , who was on the organizing committee of the 6th YWPDK national conference. Luis will be supporting the various roles on the board. Nerea Carreño, from Vandcenter Syd, and Ines Breda, from Silhorko / Eurowater, were not up for election and will keep their positions as Secretary and Treasurer of the network.

It is truly a great group of dedicated people that will serve on the board for the next term and it is highly refreshing to see new members willing to step up and take responsibility and leadership for our network. We would also like to thank all the candidates who were unfortunate not to get elected for a position. We know and believe that you still have a large role to play in the development of the network. Your engagement is what is fundemental to having a thriving, active and engageing network.


Country Chapter Steering Committee


YWPDK Denmark is based on regional presence and is fortunate enough to have three regional representative representing the network in the three of the largest cities in Denmark. This year two positions for regional representative were open for new candidates. Kirsten Prisum stepped down as representative in Copenhagen after many years of leading the network in Copenhagen and Emil Thomsen stepped down.after building up the regional group in Aarhus, to join the board. Kirsten and Emil are fortunate to be handing over the reigns to two newly elected representatives.

Lisbeth Christensen, from Teknologisk Institut, who has been part of the Aarhus group, was elected to be regional representative of Aarhus. She will together with Emil be responsible for activities in Aarhus and for building up the regional group there. Lisbeth has been an active member of the network and present at many events. She was part of the organizing committee for the 6th national YWPDK conference.  Jan-Michael Blum, from EnviDan, will take over as regional representative in Copenhagen after Kirsten. Jan is no stranger to the network and has been one of the most active members in the past years. He has served two years on the board and founded the YWPDK AI-group. Jan wil be repsonsible for the regional group in Copenhagen. Freya Mosbæk, from Aalborg Forsyning, was not up for election and will be staying as regional representative in Aalborg, where she has build and impressive group and regional activity-level.

Regional Representatives


The board, regional representative, and regional group members are currently working to make sure we have great activities all around Denmark for the rest of 2020. We are currently building on the direction set out in the strategy developed to guide us towards 2023. Part of that strategy involves strengthening the regional groups, where we will do our best to give you as many engagement opportunities as possible. We furthermore want to keep everything as simple and easy for all of you when you want to become more active. So be sure that we have the content available to support you if you want to help plan an event og be more active.

We still believe in a network that is driven by the expertise. ideas, and engagement of our members. Make sure to contact your regional representative if you have an idea for an event that you would like to help plan. Post something on our social media sites to engage online, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any suggestions for YWPDK.

We are looking forward to the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, were we know there will be a lot of great opportunities for young water professionals to engage. This will be an historic event for the Danish water sector and we can't wait.