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Member #100

Within our first year, we have reached an impressive 120 members! Our member number 100, Ida Due Koch from DTU, joined us in December. She is our YWPDK profile for February, read more about her here.  

Rapporteurs for Water Efficiency Conference February 3rd

We are looking for a few rapporteurs who can capture the key messages (2-3 lines/qoutes) from each presentation/discussion and report back to the plenary at the Water Efficiency conference. Please contact us at if you are interested. It will be on a first come, first served basis.   The conference is free of charge, also for non-rapporteurs, so we encourage our members to participate even if you will not be elected for reporting. You […]

Call for Abstracts

We would like to invite you to send us an abstract for the 1st YWPDK conference and workshop taking place on the 10th -11th of March in Odense. Abstracts can be centered around practical and/or research projects related to the five thematic tracks identified at the GA in December and illustrated below. The abstract should as a minimum include: 1. Author (who will present) 2. Title 3. Thematic track 4. How the project relates to […]

Findings from the Half-day Workshop and Call for Abstracts

WORKSHOP FINDINGS The table above sums up the key findings from the half-day workshop held the 12th of December at Rambøll. The five thematic tracks will constitute the framework for the continued work for the YWPDK members. We would like to appoint a contact person for each thematic track, who will act as thematic coordinator and will have their contact information displayed here on our website. Please contact us at, if you would be […]

Call for YWPDK Extraordinary General Assembly

DECEMBER 11TH @ 14.00 The purpose of the extraordinary General Assembly is to adopt the new Articles of Association developed to help ease the future work of the YWPDK network. The articles will have to be approved by a two-thirds majority voting amongst the attending YWPDK members. The extraordinary General Assembly is coupled to a half-day workshop- read more and sign up HERE. For details please read our official call for extraordinary General Assembly including the […]