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YWPDK – Julehygge 2015

The 15th of December 20 YWPDK members gathered at State of Green to hear about the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition coming to Copenhagen in 2020. Peter Steen Mikkelsen from DTU and representative in the Danish National Comittee of IWA introduced the application, the organization and the concept of the conference. Tanya Jacobsen from State of Green introduced their organization, their role in the application to the conference and the potential seen from their […]

YWPDK Profile December 2014

Tanya Jacobsen works as a project manager within Water and Climate Adaption at State of Green. She has a MA in International Business Communication and Intercultural Market Studies from Copenhagen Business School. What is your motivation for working with water? I am not a typical water professional as I do not have a water related technical background. But it’s an area which I find quite interesting and as a communications professional, I find that it’s […]