YWPDK Profiles

YWPDK Profile May 2016

Meet Jeanne Fernandez, our YWPDK profile for May 2016. Jeanne works with hydraulic modelling at Frederiksberg Forsyning. Jeanne also held a presentation about “District Meetered Areas in Frederiksberg: redesigning the water distribution network for leakage management” at the 2nd YWPDK Conference in March this year.

YWPDK Profile April 2016

Meet Francisco Laurito Torres, our YWPDK profile for April 2016. Francisco is a civil engineer working at DHI MIKE software department, responible for technical support in collection systems, water distribution modelling and urban flood modelling.

YWPDK profile October 2015

This is Nanna Linn Jensen, our YWPDK profile for October. Nanna Linn is a master student at the Institute for Geoscience at Aarhus University, She is focusing on the topics “water, hydrogeology and geochemistry.

YWPDK Profile August 2015

This is Gudny Kristin Trygvasdottir Bredtoft, our YWPDK profile for August. Gudny is an engineer working with Urban Water Management and Climate Change Adoptation at Rambøll. Gudny is also co-founder of YWPDK and was Treasurer in the CCSC from 2014 – 2015.